• Nigel Hawthorne

A page from an autograph album signed in blue ink by Nigel Hawthorne (1929-2001), the English actor who's long and varied career began with an advert for Mackeson stout and a bit part in Dad's Army. His most famous roles were as Sir Humphrey Appleby, the Permanent Secretary of the fictional Department of Administrative Affairs in the television series Yes Minister (and Cabinet Secretary in its sequel, Yes, Prime Minister), for which he won four BAFTA awards, and as King George III in Alan Bennett's stage play The Madness of George III (Olivier Award) and the film adaptation, for which he received an Oscar nomination. An intensely private individual, he was upset at having been involuntarily "outed" as gay in 1995 in the publicity surrounding the Academy Awards, but he did attend the ceremony with his long-time partner Trevor Bentham, speaking openly about being gay in interviews and his autobiography, Straight Face, which was published posthumously. Hawthorne had several operations for pancreatic cancer, although his immediate cause of death was from a heart attack, aged 72.

On the reverse is an autograph by Felicity Kendal

Nigel Hawthorne

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