• Brian Rix

A white card signed with a blue felt-tip pen by Brian Rix, the actor and author who became famous for his staging of Reluctant Heroes, both on tour and at the Whitehall Theatre for 4 years. The theatre specialised in farces, some of which were regularly televised. After the Whitehall Theatre, Rix moved onto the Garrick and more successes, appearing in 11 films and 70 farces for BBC TV, and was regularly seen on screen without his trousers on. He also made a handful of films that were well suited to his talents as a farceur such as The Night We Dropped a Clanger (1959), The Night We Got the Bird (1961), Don't Just Lie There, Say Something! (1973). He was knighted in 1986 for his services to charity. The card has been hand-lettered by the original collector with details of the signer and the date the autograph was obtained.

Brian Rix

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