• Stanley Unwin

A compliments slip with a printed caricature of Stanley Unwin (1911-2002), on which he has written 'Deep joy to all film buffs, who are my friends' and signed it 'Stanley Unwin', in black ink. 'Professor' Stanley Unwin was a British comedian and comic writer, and the inventor of his own language, "Unwinese," referred to in the film Carry On Regardless as "gobbledegook". Unwinese was a mangled form of English in which many of the words were corrupted in playful and humorous ways, as in its description of Elvis Presley and his contemporaries as being "wasp-waist and swivel-hippy". Unwin claimed his gift came from his mother, who once told him that on the way home she had "falolloped over and grazed her kneeclabbers".

Stanley Unwin

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