• Busby Berkeley

A fabulous piece of memorabilia from the early days of Hollywood; this petty cash voucher, from Sam Goldwyn's studios, is made out for 'salary Sat. July 16 1932' and signed with a fountain pen by Busby Berkeley. His wages for the day were $41.66 - a huge amount when most people were earning a few dollars a week. It's been stamped 'petty cash reimbursed', so he obviously got his money.

Berkeley was a highly influential Hollywood movie director and choreographer, famous for his elaborate musical production numbers that often involved complex geometric patterns. Berkeley's works used large numbers of showgirls and props as fantasy elements in kaleidoscopic on-screen performances. His innovative and often sexually-charged dance numbers meant his popularity with an entertainment-hungry Great Depression audience was secured when he choreographed four musicals back-to-back for Warner Bros.: 42nd Street, Footlight Parade, Gold Diggers of 1933 and Fashions of 1934, as well as In Caliente and Wonder Bar with Dolores del Río. He was also responsible for Carmen Miranda's classic “Lady in the Tutti-Frutti Hat” number.

Busby Berkeley

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